10 locations in the world’s largest gold mine

1. Kalgoorlie Super Pit (Australia)

Kalgoorlie Super Pit, was first discovered gold here in 1893, and this giant crater in Western Australia is now the continent’s largest gold mine open stretches along 3.5 km, width 1.5 km and 360 m inside. An estimated 2017 to stop their productivity

2. The Big Hole (South Africa)

Big Hole in Kimberly, South Africa, said the biggest hole dug by hand. While it was closed in 1914, during the productive period for 43 tahun.Diperkirakan there are 50,000 workers they are only using picks and shovels to dig up 22.5 million tons of soil, produces nearly 3 tons of diamonds

3. Diavik Diamond Mine (Canada)

Diavik Diamond Mine is located in the Northern Territory Slave Canadian mine It is left open. Exploit an island 220 km square of the Arctic Circle, this area is very spacious to accommodate Boeing 747 are possible. With a lifespan produktifitas16-22 years, the crater is estimated to have produced 8 million carats (1600 kg) of diamonds a year ..

4. Bingham Canyon Mine, USA

Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah, the largest manmade hole in the world. Mining giant size of 4 km wide with a depth of 1.2 km to the soil, the extraction began in 1863. Produce more than 17 million tons of copper and 715 tonnes of gold.

5. Mirny Diamond Mine, Russia

Siberia’s Diamond. The biggest open diamond mine in the world, this Russian monster has a surface diameter of 1.2 km and 525 m deep. The size of the hole is such that the wind currents in the cause downdraft that caused the helicopter to be withdrawn because of turbulence. Currently a forbidden zone for the flight.

6. Ekati Diamond Mine, (Canada)

Ekati Diamond Mine is the first commercial diamond mine in North America – after opening in 1998 – and they are still fascinated by the diamond fever is no doubt hoping to rush will not be the last. This is actually only a stone from the mine Diavic only 20 km closer to the Antartika.Tempat is certainly much cooler and is suitable for living penguins.

7. Chuquicamata, Chile

Giant Chuquicamata mine in Chile is producing a total record of 29 million tons of copper. Although nearly 100 years of intensive exploitation, remains the largest resources of copper in the world, and this open crater is one of the world’s largest size, at 4.3 km long, 3 km wide and over 850 m inside.

8. Escondida, Chile

He Minera Escondida Mining. Construction began in 1990, and this exploitation has recently exceeded the Chuquicamata as the largest copper producer in the world annually, with 2007 results of mine, from 1.48 million tons worth U.S. $ 10,120,000,000. Can make pay tuh national debt

9. Udachnaya Diamond Mine, Russia

Like the Sarlacc Pit on Linux, Udachnaya Mine in Russia is the crater made in the open is a giant diamond mines with a depth of 600 meters into the earth’s crust. Located in Russia’s vast but sparsely populated of the Republic of Sakha, just outside the Arctic circle, it seems that mining for precious stones is still running.

10. Grasberg Mine, INDONESIA

Opened in 1973, the Grasberg mine in Indonesia is the world’s largest gold mine and third largest copper mine. The industry is an eyesore in the mountains of Papua employs 19,500 workers striking. But it is majority-owned by U.S. company (Freeport).

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