7 SUCCESS TIPS For Athletes By @AskDrNicole


Dr. Nicole is the CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc., a premiere personal and professional development firm.

She is an established Success Strategist, who gives advice to those who are striving to made a difference in their career and community. Dr. Nicole appeared on an episode of R&B Divas via TVONE and the national television audience was impacted by her wisdom.

“Remember, Life is a gift. Living is a Choice. It’s your life. And, it’s your move. Without movement, there is no movement! Be sure to make each step count.”

As author of the life-changing books “A Woman’s True Purpose: Live Like You Matter” and “Choose Yourself: A Journey Toward Personal Fulfillment for Women,” radio personalities from Steve Harvey to Tom Joyner, Sally Jessy Raphael, and Jesse Dylan have all shared her expertise with their listeners.


Winners strive to win in life!

7 Success Tips For Athletes By Dr. Nicole

7 Success Tips For Athletes By Dr. Nicole


I once heard someone say “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”. For the athlete, the competitive edge to grow stronger, faster, and more resilient is nothing new. The challenge is not about growth in the sport, it’s more about ensuring growth in critical areas of everyday life.

Whether we accept or reject it, personal growth is life’s ultimate opportunity in a living package. As you train, focus, and go for the win, don’t miss that you’re also being invited to develop and grow your best asset – YOU!

When you take a personal inventory of the critical areas of your life, what’s the view: emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, relationally, intellectually, professionally, and financially? How and where are you? If you haven’t examined these areas in a while, there’s no better time than the present. Like your sport, your life is also calling you to win. And, no one strives to be an athletic triumph and personal failure. So, where do you desire to grow and go next? With growth and development as your aim, I welcome you to a 7-step challenge that promises to get you moving and grooving in you guessed it – Your Life!




Step 1Stop and Be Still… As an athlete, you know the power of stillness. Yes, I know you’re on a perpetual mission to be the best, and some of those same attributes will also work off the field. The greatest growth spurts begin with still moments that lend to feeling, listening, and hearing what everyday life can quickly drowned out.

Step 2Acknowledge where you are… Like any good playbook, you too must take the time to write down where you are in each area. As with skill enhancement, you can’t change what you’re not willing to confront and written words are symbolic of your acknowledgment. Thoughts in your head are useful, however, thoughts on a page get you one step closer to change. For example, it can be quite compelling to see the following on a page – I’m not in the best relational health because I don’t communicate with the people I love.

Step 3Decide what’s important… Beyond the records and trophies only you can decide what you value, what you want and where you need to be. In some areas, you may have won the gold, but others may scream for your needed attention. Leading with your values will help you focus on what matters to you vs. what others may think should matter. Doing so is sure to put you on a path of forward movement in the most meaningful direction.

Step 4State the vision and pair it with relevant goals… As a winner you’re no stranger to envisioning the win. Similarly, your vision is the forecast of what evidenced growth will look like in the areas of your personal life. And, vision works best with an ambitious companion you know very well – Goals. But not just any goals, they need to be relevant SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Together, they afford the most significant approach to the achievement you desire.

Step 5Let milestones map your strategy… Starting with the end in mind, work backwards. What milestones should be accomplished in route to your realized vision? Using milestones as markers, create a roadmap of the achievements that best set the pace to your ultimate results. It’s not that different from executing a training plan, you start where you want to be and engage in actions that will manifest the necessary milestones along the way.

Step 6Take the full proof growth serum of action plus advocacy… Action plus advocacy yields results. So, what will you do to shift beyond the present state? And, who will you allow to keep you honest in the journey? If you want to ensure growth, you must be willing to act and be held accountable for your actions. It’s up to you to do the work and your accountability partner/s will take the role of asking the tough questions and challenging your approach if it jeopardizes your desired vision. As an athlete you have coaches and trainers to help you win. The same stands true in your personal growth, so accountability partners are key.

Step 7Acknowledge every step… As a winner you strive for the intrinsic win and various symbols of victory. But here’s where it gets even better, with personal growth it’s more of a journey, than a destination. The overall objective is not about beating the clock or being first to the finish line, instead it’s about continual movement and celebrating every step or labeled misstep (teachable moment) along the way. Together, each step affords an opportunity to highlight where you were, and thankfully no longer are.

Remember, Life is a gift. Living is a Choice. It’s your life. And, it’s your move. Without movement, there is no movement! Be sure to make each step count.

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